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    I just finished making my own Gaming PC – based on my own configuration. After spending about 900$ on everything but a graphic card – thinking I will buy one in the near feature, it seems I can’t wait not to play Shadow of Tomb Raider, Battlefield V or Call of Duty WW2. So I decided to buy a budget graphic card that will allow me to play these games…

    Can you recommend one? NVIDIA only.

    There are a lot of websites and videos out here but wanted to ask you guys also!



    Well, the minimum graphic card you could buy that can run all existing games at HIGH or ULTRA is GTX 1060 (6GB/192bit).

    I have this graphic card and I can play games (minimum graphics settings: HIGH) such as: Battlefield V, Call of Duty WW2, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Star Wars Battlefront II.

    This card is around 300$. Anything lower I would not recommend (except if you are planning to change your card next year…).


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