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    Comic Forum

    Riddle Me This – Q&A.

    Just in case you need some help or clues – check this forum!

    Add questions, share what you tried and help each other win the next prize.

    Good luck!                                   TO THE RIDDLE >




    Hmmm – am I the only one having trouble with the second riddle? Don’t know where to start ! 😯

    Word’s highest rated place to sleep,

    At the entry you will find…

    A small sign that you should read,

    And where you are, is what I need…

    Does it make sense to anyone ?



    I think you’ll need to use Google Maps for that. But I can’t figure it out where to go :mrgreen: .

    Here is my clue:



    I managed to crack the first one. And I think I have an idea about the second one but can’t really be sure. If this will help, send me at least a sticker or something from the prize… :mrgreen:

    Word’s highest rated place to sleep

    If you remove the “rated” part – you will get: “Word’s highest place to sleep” – and using the Google Map you can travel to Mount Everest. There is a hotel there (so, it’s “rated” to be the “highest one”! – literally speaking. You take it from here…

    The second approach, witch is much obvious, you should go to the world’s most “high rated” hotel in the world. But how can you tell witch one is that. If this riddle is to make any sense – it should not be based on some one website review.

    Is this making any sense?

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