Basic Rules and Informations

Basic Rules

For full Terms and Conditions of using this Website please read the “Terms of Use” page. This are the basic rules extracted or in addition to this Website “Terms of Use“:

– You (Subscriber) are sole responsible of any actions that will violate this Website “Terms of Use“.
– You (Subscriber) are sole responsible for any content downloaded, uploaded or referenced by you on this Website including any laws or Copyright violations.
– Spamming or advertising any other Websites or products using comments, replies or messages are strictly prohibited. You (Subscriber) can use external links and references as long  as they are relevant to Comic Forum Topics or discussions.

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Useful Information

YouTube videos

For security reasons all Subscribers are restrained from posting HTML codes or embedded videos in comments, topics or messages. If you want to post a video from YouTube you can just add the URL in the comment. Do not use the embedded code.

Example YouTube Video

General use of Forums

– For a better use and a cleaner structure of our Website all Subscribers are restrained from creating a new Forum. However, Subscribers can create Topics to existing Forums.
– Use one of the existing Forum name for your new Topic. Once you open a new Topic you can only edit but not delete that Topic.
– A Forum can contain multiple Sub-Forums.

Example Create Topic

General of of Groups

– The purpose of Groups is to better keep in touch with other users that have the same things in common as you do (comics, video games, movies, TV shows, etc.).
– All Groups can have their own Forums and Topics.
– A Group can be Public, Private or Hidden.
– The creator of a Group can invite other Users or friends that are not yet subscribers – using the Invite feature.

Example Create Group

Website main features

This Website provide its Subscribers many options such as:

– Forums
– Groups
– Private or Public Messages
– Subscribe features
– Friend/Unfriend features
– Follow/Unfollow features
– Notifications
– Activity updates
– And much more to come!